Green's Word Memory Test for Windows can be now administered in 10 languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese (new in August 2007), Turkish, Russian, Danish and Hebrew. The German translation of the WMT was originally done by Dr. Stephanie Pieschl and then further developed by Dr. Robbi Brockhaus and Dr. Thomas Merten by agreement with the copyright owner, Dr. Green.

The Dutch translation was done by Dr. Ben Schmand. More recent translations include those by Dr. Jorge Montigo and Dr. Lidia Artiola i Fortuny (Spanish), Dr. Gervais (French), Dr. Courtney and Dr. Mauricio Martins (Portuguese), Dr. Kanter (Italian), Dr. Meng-Yang Ho (Mandarin), Dr. Yavuz (Turkish), Drs. Merten and Tydek (Russian), Dr. Jens Ries (Danish), and Dr. Dan Hoofien (Hebrew). The Portuguese computer version of WMT was created in August 2007. Oral forms are available in Italian and Mandarin.

Green's MSVT for Windows is in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish and Danish and it has a "stealth" option to deter coaching. Translations include those by Dr. Lidia Artiola i Fortuny (Spanish), Dr. Gervais (French), Dr. Kai Osterberg (Swedish), Dr. Merten and Dr. Brockhaus (German), Dr. Courtney (Portuguese), Dr. Knut Follesø (Norwegian) and Dr. Palle Pedersen (Danish).

The (nonverbal) NV-MSVT can be given in any language. There are no words on screen at any point in the NV-MSVT, only artist-drawn colored images.

The translators have done independent research with the WMT, MSVT NV-MSVT and MCI internationally, replicating effects found on testing in English. Research with these tests is ongoing in many different countries. If you would like to translate any of these tests into other languages, contact Dr. Green.

Note on copyright: As the inventor, first author and main researcher of the WMT, MSVT, NV-MSVT & MCI, Dr. Green is the legally registered owner of copyright of the WMT, MSVT, NV-MSVT & MCI internationally. Legitimate copies of the CDs and test manuals and the licenses to use the WMT, MSVT, NV-MSVT or MCI in any format are sold only by Green's Publishing.