Emotional Perception Test

In 1986 the EPT was created as a quick and convenient way of testing the ability to judge emotion in the tone of voice of tape recorded sentences.

It has been used with many groups since then and it is now fully computer administered and scored.

The EPT tests an ability that is fundamental to human communication.

There is a gender difference (female superiority) which seems to arise at puberty. The EPT correlates with sense of smell on the Alberta Smell Test, which also has a gender difference, which arises at puberty. These data are in the test manual, along with data on children from age 6 to 90. There is a U-curve in errors from age 6 to 90.  Age effects are very major indeed.  FSIQ also matters and so normative data are based on gender, age and FSIQ.

People who are in a social occupation need good emotional perception and impairment on the EPT is a sign that work of a social type will probably be stressful for that person.

The EPT is significantly affected by both severe closed head injury and by various neurological diseases.

TEST YOUR OWN EMOTIONAL PERCEPTION (Qualified professionals only).

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If you speak a language other than English, try the nonsense version of the EPT.

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Emotional Perception Test