Word Memory Test

Dr. Green’s Word Memory Test (WMT), Medical Symptom Validity Test (MSVT) and nonverbal MSVT are computerized memory tests with multiple subtests measuring verbal and nonverbal memory. They contain hidden measures, which serve to check the validity of the patient’s test scores.

The original WMT was invented by Dr. Paul Green as an oral test (Green and Astner, 1995) and then sold for a limited period on his behalf as a DOS computer program (Green, Allen and Astner, 1996).  The WMT Windows program (2003) consists of exactly the same test stimuli as the original WMT oral form and the now obsolete DOS program. The vast majority of research on the WMT is with the computer version. The oral form is an adjunct for use in limited circumstances.

The MSVT (Green, 2004) is a shorter, modified and easier version of the WMT.  The NV-MSVT (Green, 2008) is a nonverbal equivalent to the MSVT.

The WMT, MSVT and the NV-MSVT are now available to qualified professionals as MS Windows programs only by direct order from Green’s Publishing. Green’s WMT, MSVT and NV-MSVT for Windows are very quick and cost effective. They offer computerized administration, scoring, data storage and automated data spreadsheet creation for analyzing data gathered.

Easy-to-use graphs and tables let you compare your client’s WMT scores with those from any of more than 80 comparison groups (Total N is well over 3,000 cases).

To inspect the WMT, MSVT or NV-MSVT programs just call Matt or John at +1 (236) 420-4351 and see for yourself (Qualified professionals only: You will be asked to state profession, position, qualifications, address and phone number).

SIMULATOR STUDIES: The WMT has been consistently found to be close to or actually 100% accurate in classifying simulators versus good effort volunteers.

More recently, Green’s MSVT has been found to be equally accurate in two German studies (Dr. Thomas Merten and Nina Blaskewitz, Berlin, Germany). A very large ongoing Brazilian study by Dr. John Courtney (New Orleans & Rio de Janeiro) is providing strong support for the accuracy of Green’s MSVT Windows in discriminating between simulators versus good effort volunteers tested in Portuguese (both adults and children).

The MSVT test manual contains appendices summarizing (a) the Brazilian study; (b) normative data from children in grades two to five, given Green’s MSVT Windows and (c) data from people with soft tissue injuries tested with the MSVT in medical clinics in Toronto run by Dr. Jack Richman, Occupational Health Physician. The latter data are the subject of a paper published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. This clinic now has a sample size of more than 3,000 consecutive cases tested with the MSVT.

See PRODUCTS section for information about other Green’s Publishing products, including the Emotional Perception Test (EPT),the MSVT, the NV-MSVT and the Advanced Interpretation (AI) program, all in Microsoft Windows.Perception of emotion in another person’s tone of voice is a fundamental human ability that is vital to communication. The EPT tests emotional perception in tone of voice using a brief and fully automated computerized test.