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The WMT is available only to licensed Psychologists.

All our other tests may be used by licensed Psychologists, Psychiatrists or Physicians.

*Please note that each Psychologist or Physician must have his/her own license for each of our software products.  Fill out one order form for each Physician or Psychologist that will be using any of our products.  Psychometrists and other assistants do not need their own license.

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We suggest that you consider running the 5-minute NV-MSVT side-by-side with the TOMM and see which one you prefer, after testing 20 patients.

When someone fails the easy subtests of the NV-MSVT, based on the profile of scores, the program will tell you whether it is more likely that the person is making a poor effort or whether the profile is more like that of people with dementia.

Warning about authenticity of WMT materials

1) WMT test manual: According to sources, another company has been distributing an “updated” version of the earlier (1996) WMT manual, of which Dr. Green was first author. Any manual labeled as “updated May 2004? or later, with Dr. Paul Green listed as first author has been produced without Dr. Green’s knowledge, input or consent and is unauthorized by Green’s Publishing. As such, Green’s Publishing accepts no responsibility for its content or potential misrepresentations. The only WMT manuals authorized by Green’s Publishing are the original 1995 and 1996 manuals now out of date and superseded by the current WMT test manual, which is sold only directly by Green’s Publishing. It has full color front and back covers with a sky blue background and the tree logo seen on the “Products” page of this website. The sole author of this WMT manual is Green, P. (2003, revised 2005).

2) Non-applicability of WMT norms: The WMT norms are based on the test structure and content of the original oral version (Green & Astner, 1995), on which Green holds international copyrights. Although the administration format of the test has evolved over time (i.e., oral, DOS, Windows), the content has remained exactly the same. If the word contents are altered in any way, no matter how slight, the published WMT validation norms are not applicable.

At least one altered version of the WMT is alleged to exist. For example, one of a number of alleged changes occurs in the Multiple Choice subtest. For the target word “dog”, the word “tail” has been removed from the response options. Even such a minor change makes the original validation norms non-applicable. Any version of the WMT in existence with any content changes is not approved by Dr. Paul Green. Altered WMT’s:- (a) are not the same in content as the oral WMT used to establish the original norms (Green & Astner, 1995); (b) are not the same as the now obsolete DOS WMT (Green et al., 1996) and (c) are not the same test as the current WMT Windows program, which is authorized by Dr. Paul Green and sold only by Green’s Publishing.

The original WMT norms were first presented in the 1995 oral test manual (Green & Astner, 1995). More norms, also all gathered by Green, were presented in the 1996 test manual (Green, Allen and Astner, 1996) and they were listed in reports from its accompanying DOS program (e.g. 40 neurological patients, 57 moderate-severe TBI, 40 normal adults, patients with normal memory on CVLT, etc.). Summaries of the latter norms in detail are available from Dr. Paul Green. More extensive norms from over 80 comparison groups and over 3,000 cases are in the current Green’s WMT Windows program and manual, available only from Green’s Publishing.