Reviews & comparisons with TOMM

Comparison between the WMT & TOMM in 1,315 cases in two countries.

Power Point Show: Lecture given by Dr. Paul Green at the National Academy of Neuropsychology annual meeting in Tampa, Florida on October 18, 2005.

Independent study: “When the Word Memory Test (WMT) was used as the “gold standard” to which the Test of Memory Malingering (TOMM) was compared, the TOMM achieved very high PPV (.98) and acceptable NPV (.78). How to incorporate the strategy used into clinical practice is discussed”.

2005 independent review of Green’s WMT by Wynkoop & Denney: PDF

Hartman’s WMT Review: PDF

The Nonverbal MSVT contains only pictures. The computerized test takes about 7 minutes of the patient’s time and just a few minutes of the tester’s time. Data from hundreds of cases from two investigators show that almost all cases failing the TOMM also fail the easy NV-MSVT subtests.  Many cases pass TOMM and fail the NV-MSVT.  It is very important to note that, in cases passing TOMM and failing the NV-MSVT, the profile can only be explained by poor and inconsistent effort.

Thus, there are many false negatives for the TOMM. The NV-MSVT is a more sensitive test of effort than TOMM. Ask for a free trial of the NV-MSVT and see for yourself.